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About Us

What We Are About

NewDawn Cleaning Services Essex Limited is a cleaning service provider that serves to enhance the work that you do - individual or corporate as well as the experience of your customers. 

We are trained in the prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections and follow industry best practices, including isolation cleaning and hand hygiene. Our wet-and-dry cleaning methods maintain high standards of services.

At New Dawn Cleaning Services Essex Limited, we consistently work with any healthcare customer to identify all risk categories and adapt our approach to each area accordingly - whether it's a general ward or surgical.

We provide professional cleaning services throughout Essex and London areas and maintain safe and excellent services to all clients.

Our Story

The Founder of NewDawn Cleaning Services Essex Limited (NDCS Essex), Mr Kenny Olatunji has been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years working for other cleaning companies. He started as a cleaner and worked his way until he was promoted to a managerial role from being an In-Store Cleaning Manager to Area Manager and later becoming the Regional Manager.

Having worked in the Retail and Health sectors for over 20 years, New Dawn Cleaning Services Essex Limited came to be as and aims to be one of the UK's top cleaning providers.

Having worked with a number of high profile cleaning companies, you can be certain and confident that we can provide the best service you need and prioritize high cleaning standards that promote a clean and safe environment for all your staff and in your homes.

Photo by Shannon Tremaine